Developing Web Applications with PhP & MySQL

Course/Certification Name

Developing Web Applications with PhP & MySQL

Duration (In Days)

3 Days

Course/Certification Overview

The three days, practical, exercise-driven course will cover the fundamentals of using MySQL and PHP and will provide a firm grounding in each technology and explore how they allow you to build sophisticated, bespoke web applications.

Training Objective(s)

Build a simple, yet functional web application using PHP/MySQL.


JavaScript experience, along with good HTML and CSS skills.

Learning Outcome(s)
  • Understand the usage of PHP and MySQL in dynamic web development.
  • Be able to setup and configure MySQL, PHP, Apache web server development environment.
Skills Outcome(s)

Develop plans for keeping the website updated and current at all times, recommend improvements for performance, create and fine-tune style guidelines for the website’s content, and choose the most effective design tools, programming languages, and applications.

Modules Content
  • Introduction
  • Setting up a Test Bed
  • Overview of PHP
  • Variables in PHP
  • Logical operators
  • Numbers in PHP
  • Strings in PHP
  • Control structures in PHP
  • Transferring information between PHP pages
  • Database fundamentals
  • Getting PHP to connect to MySQL
2020 Demand

As part of the training, you will be required to develop a dynamic Web application. You will need to utilize both CSS & JavaScript as the front end followed by PHP and MySQL for the backend.

Project & Case Study

Thus, PHP web development tools and cloud computing is picking up pace among businesses. As per a survey, 79% of websites and application development companies are using cloud framework and PHP to inculcate benefits of both technologies together