Developing Web Applications with PhP & MySQL

Course/Certification Name

Developing Web Applications with PhP & MySQL

Duration (In Days)

3 Days

Course/Certification Overview

The three days, practical, exercise-driven course will cover the fundamentals of using MySQL and PHP and will provide a firm grounding in each technology and explore how they allow you to build sophisticated, bespoke web applications.

Training Objective(s)

Build a simple, yet functional web application using PHP/MySQL.


JavaScript experience, along with good HTML and CSS skills.

Learning Outcome(s)
  • Understand the usage of PHP and MySQL in dynamic web development.
  • Be able to setup and configure MySQL, PHP, Apache web server development environment.
Skills Outcome(s)
  • Develop plans for keeping the website updated and current at all times, recommend improvements for performance, create and fine-tune style guidelines for the website’s content, and choose the most effective design tools, programming languages, and applications.
Modules Content
  • Introduction
  • Setting up a Test Bed
  • Overview of PHP
  • Variables in PHP
  • Logical operators
  • Numbers in PHP
  • Strings in PHP
  • Control structures in PHP
  • Transferring information between PHP pages
  • Database fundamentals
  • Getting PHP to connect to MySQL


    Project & Case Study

    Thus, PHP web development tools and cloud computing is picking up pace among businesses. As per a survey, 79% of websites and application development companies are using cloud framework and PHP to inculcate benefits of both technologies together